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The purpose of ERM software iSolution is to facilitate the ordering, production, sales and after-sales service by automating electronic circulation of documents and eliminate errors arising from the standard ordering procedures and configuration. Understanding the complexity of the problems that meets manufacturers of complex products on world markets has led us to create a dedicated system, Enterprise Resource Management.

The system consists of 64 000 lines of code which is equivalent to 15 000 pages of manuscript. The American system of assessment of the value of software based on code analysis software CLOC measure the value of ERM iSolution at $ 2 560 000, -


The system operates on the basis of three communication platforms:

• Administrative Panel

• Client Panel

• Product Configurator

Customer panels and configuration of the system can operate anywhere in the world and on any platform with access to the Internet without the need to install, even on mobile devices for an unlimited number of concurrent terminals and interface languages. ISolution ERM system manages databases, production and procurement processes and eliminate the circulation of paper documents from the path ordering, production, sales and servicing of the client. Creates an electronic parts catalog and product configurator sales of 3D view.



Product Catalog with 3D Configurator and Electronic Parts Catalog are automatically generated based on engineering drawings imported into the system.

The system is prepared to implement assembly drawings and works with most CAD software using modules that integrate copyright.



The administrative system is easy to install and has low hardware requirements.

The system is fully scalable and adapts to the most advanced data models.

It can work on multiple databases simultaneously.

It has advanced mechanism for defining the operation and allocation of user groups.


The system works in the technology SAAS - Software as a Service can be installed on a customer's server or a dedicated commercial server.
The server must allow installation of any number of MySQL databases and interpret scripts, PHP 5.3. Exchange of information between the server and the user device is performed by encrypted connection using HTTPS. The server should also allow the definition of virtual subdomains, through which access to selected parts of the platform iSolution ERM for individual distributors and partners Client will be readable and protected by separate certificates of identity. ﷯ ISolution ERM platform has been designed in accordance with the design pattern MVC (model-view-controller) and is divided into three layers: database, server-side scripts and user interface.
The model in the project are relational database based on MySQL engine, backed up automatically with an optimum time interval. This ensures data security and availability of all information.
Lookout part of the pattern has been implemented parts of the script server using PHP 5.3. The data structure and its presentation was defined using XML files allowing for rapid expansion of the model in the project and quick adaptation to his view.
MVC controller platform is a platform operating in the web browsers on desktop and mobile devices. Implemented using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript works with web service part of the PHP script running on the server side.
This structure enables the creation of mobile applications partially or fully realizing the functionality of the user interface platform iSolution ERM. ﷯
Configurator allows you to create and view a computer generated image of the product in 3D in any color along with additional options.
Configurator is generated and updated based on engineering CAD assembly drawings imported via a dedicated module.
The configurator generates the VIN number and part-list or a list of parts required to build the model and generates a workflow. ISolution ERM system is designed to enable customers to easily and transparently configure and order machinery and equipment adjusted to individual needs regardless of their complexity. Model options are always consistent with the current technical documentation selected machine or device.
Launched by the customer buying process automatically generates the proper documentation production and sales, which is sent by email to the supervisors of sales and production processes, and to the customer.
Acceptance by the contracting authority Conditions of Sale begins the process of production. ﷯
The system enables communication with distributors who have the authorization. They can place orders, confirm acceptance of deposit, checking the progress in the implementation of contracts, including tracking the production process using shared selected images of production.
Production of machinery or equipment subcontracted through an integrated platform transfer orders from the ERM System to storage systems subcontractors generates a further statuses, which is informed by the customer. Status changes will be initiated through regular reporting system of the production process of subcontractors.
This process is coupled with verification of partial payment the client for the work ﷯ The implementation of all payments by the customer and the execution of of the finished product completes the testing of the machine or device.
The system starts the process of delivery to the customer's address and generates documents customs clearance and delivery confirmation.
The general scheme of the flow of information during the production process is as follows: ﷯  MODULE SERVICE iSolution technology RBB (Remote Black Box) collects information about the machines and equipment to via the platform iSolution ERM investigate and report their status.
On the basis of information received notifications are generated for clients to review technical and other maintenance.
Client-to-date has access to status reports and used machine operating parameters using a dedicated application on a mobile device. ﷯ Thanks to iSolution ERM customer can order spare parts for your machine with absolute certainty fitting parts for your model as soon as possible.
For this purpose, a module ordering and selling parts of the EPC or Electronic Parts Catalog coupled with the module storage announcing the availability of ordered items.
Module Stocks iSolution ERM is integrated with warehouse management systems subcontractors, thereby eliminating the need for owning and operating our own warehouse of spare parts. This system is called "Just on Time" performed very well in Japan in the production of aircraft Mitsubichi.  REGIONALISATION OF SALES The above functionality include international business area, thereby the regionalization of sales by country of origin partners. That is why iSolution ERM platform provides the ability to edit price lists partners, keeps a record of exchange rate fluctuations and implements a variety of tax calculation systems in different countries.
Keeping worldwide sales require the adjustment of sales documents generated in the system to tax systems in force in the country partner of the Client.
When sharing iSolution ERM platform a further distributors will be necessary to to prepare a new document templates, tax calculators take into account the currency of the sale.

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